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smoking 2.0tdi but only after a couple minutes of running

zammo6969 Jul 24, 2012

  1. zammo6969

    zammo6969 New Member

    hi guys 2006 2.0tdi 170bhp
    have searched the forum, cant find anything that relates to mine!!! So im gonna ask......

    on start up its fine, but drive a mile or so and then at idle, like at the lights it smokes like a bugger, not black, wouldnt say blue either. Only does it for 30 seconds or so then its fine!!! perfectly fine.
    WTF is it?

    Its just had a big service, water pump and cambelt changed, still does it. My mechanic mate hasnt a clue.

    It only does it after a couple of minutes of driving from cold, then smokes, then stops!

    Am at a loss, please help, as its a bit cack when the roof is down and your at the lights and the bastad looks like its on fire!!! (slight exaggeration)
    hope someone can help me

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