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Smart top

gjwell Jul 24, 2009

  1. gjwell

    gjwell Member

    I just received my SmartTop interface last night from Mods4Cars. I got clobbered on import duty :sob: (£55). Still it was a synch to fit, the hardest part was removing and re-fitting the side panel. The scotch locks were rubbish but it all went in ok.

    So Questions.

    • The latest version comes with USB and a cable to flash firmware updates. I don’t see anywhere on there site to check/download updates. Has anyone needed to flash there’s yet?
    • I notice the EOS version adds extras like dipping the wing mirror when reverse is selected, anyone know if they may put this feature on other models?
    • When I activate the hood from the key fob I noticed the DRL flashed on for about a second? I’ve disabled the indicator flashing while in operation, has anyone else had this?. Surely they could changes this to work like the come home lighting option?

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