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Small oil leak - Expected?

SCFC_Messiah May 23, 2012

  1. SCFC_Messiah

    SCFC_Messiah Member

    Hi guys

    The cars been in the garage the last 10 days with a pretty major oil leak. The intercooler was full up and there was also oil running down the block from the rocker cover (when Audi replaced the wiring loom and injectors under recall, they somehow managed to trap the wiring loom under the rocker cover before tightening which was presumably the reason for the leak)

    Anyway, its had an abundance of seals and gaskets replaced so hopefully the issues are now sorted

    However, today I noticed the small oil leak in the pictures below. It's coming from the breather pipe thats between the rocker cover and the inlet pipe. I called the garage who done the work and after mailing them the pictures, they say a little oil is not unexpected from there and it's nothing to worry about. They've been top notch and appear to know their stuff, so I'm not really questioning them, just after your opinions. Should I get the pipe replaced or is it nothing to worry about? Thanks



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