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Small hic up on power

beerglass Jun 20, 2006

  1. beerglass

    beerglass Member

    Hi all

    I have noticed over the last 1k miles that my new 06 A3 2.0 TDI sometimes feels like it missfires or hic-ups when press the throttle back down.

    This is when cruising along the motorway around 70-80mph in 6th and just resting the foot on the throttle. Then I wanna go alittle faster and press the gas pedal and theres like a small 1/4 sec pause almost like a small hic up or misfire before the gas comes back on. Its almost like the ECU falls alseep and then wakes up.

    Has anyone noticed this before and is this a common fault?

    I have also noticed that sometimes in traffic the car shakes on idle, this used to happen to my golf PD150 when it was very cold and the engine wasnt fully up to the running temp. But my A3 is doing it now in the summer.

    Its very minor and doubt that Audi will fix this fault but it might again be a common problem which they know about.
  2. mikep

    mikep Member

    Turbo lag on a trailing throttle.

    When I'm doing my daily run to Norwich and stuck behind a trailer, I always flip down a gear of two to make sure the car is in the power band before flooring it to get past, otherwise the engine is caught between fuel cutoff on the overrun and needing to supply bags of go, which takes a second or so to wake the turbo up. Normally aspirated engines don't suffer this problem as badly.
  3. arthurfuxake

    arthurfuxake Controversial & Contradictive

    I think I know what you mean. It's a very short hiccup. I had it in my 1.9tdi, and it was eventually diagnosed as the egr solenoid valve. It doesn't show up as an error code either, and it's so intermittant that it's hard to find. I had to leave the car with the dealer for a week for the chief tech to commute to work and home everyday to find it.

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