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Small grinding in 1st gear(on clutch release)

takworldwide Sep 13, 2011

  1. takworldwide

    takworldwide Member

    Hi all,

    as above really but only happens in 1st, at low rev's and on release of the clutch pedal. seems like the grinding is coming from more the drivers side(but that might just be me!).

    this problem started a couple of days ago. ive had abit of a search on here and google but cant find much (only on a 2.0l tdi 8p, which doesnt have an answer!).

    some people have suggested that it might be the gearbox(1st gear teeth stripped), flywheel/clutch(probably the original) or thrust bearing? i really hope they are scare mongering as i have nil pounds!

    Car is 1.8t AGU lump on stage 1 remap.

    as always guys thanks for the help!

  2. camscockle20vT

    camscockle20vT The stigs ugly brother

    Id suggest looking at the cheap stuff it could be before changing the gearbox lol. Could it be your cv? Or an engine mount? Or a busch in the arm thats nakerd?.maybe even a drive shaft gater thats split and all dried inside. These audis can make some right dodgy noises, iv got a dodgy knock at the front but iv replaced the shock and the arm and it still be there, so ive gave up throwing money at it, and just live with it lol.
  3. takworldwide

    takworldwide Member

    Thanks cam for the reply, i think you might be right about the driveshaft!

    noise has developed now, it has got louder(still only in first gear). only now as i'm braking and coming to stand still my brake pedal fluctuates and starts to grind(i can feel the grinding through the brake pedal) like in first gear set off.

    could anyone confirm this maybe a driveshaft?

    cheers everyone


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