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sluggish diesel beemer

a4quat Apr 3, 2007

  1. a4quat

    a4quat Member

    my wifes uncle has a 320d its the 135bhp model and he has compained how slow it is after being in my father-in-laws 100bhp diesel a4, so he has had to a garage who put it on the laptop and found a fault with the maf, so they changed it after telling him that it was about the 8th maf sensor that the car has had on (its only a year 2k model?) anyway it is still not any better, anyone got any ideas of what to check/change next?
    he has said that it is very sluggish bottom end of the revs, im not sure how slow this car is has i have not yet drove it!
  2. rodenal

    rodenal Active Member

    I thought 320d's were all 150 - anyways, perhaps its a fault with the wiring at the maf, on certain designs it can be melted by the heat near it, never heard of it with a bmw but could be worth checking.

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