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Slow to start TDi

Discussion in 'General Technical / How To' started by imported_simonmcc, Jul 19, 2004.

  1. I was looking at a 1999 Bora Sport 110 TDi on Saturday, and it all seemed fine, except that when you turn the key it turns over a few times before it starts. I didn't see the car when it was cold, so this is from warm

    Any ideas? If this was common/easy to fix I would buy this car!


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  3. [ QUOTE ]
    28v6 said:
    Glow plugs!! What mileage was on the vehicle whe you looked at it??

    [/ QUOTE ]

    66000 miles, could it really be the glow plugs, even when the engine is warm?

    EDIT: moschino - It cranks mayme 4-5 times, but then fires up immediately, and runs fine

  4. peteA3tdi

    peteA3tdi Member

    Mar 10, 2004
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    they all smoke a bit on start up black or blacky blue color if there are BIG clouds then there maybe a problem, its more then likey it will one of the thing posted before if you get it just give it a good service and check/change the glow plugs

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