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Slow and sticking wipers

Ianb4310 Mar 19, 2012

  1. Ianb4310

    Ianb4310 Member

    Hi all my wipers on my 2002 2.5 tdi A6 stick half way through the cycle unless I squirt the washers and then they are very slow it's like they are to tight to the windscreen !! Is this a new motor or could it be something else ? I've been to local Audi with another problem and been on diagnostic machine only fault was intermittent signal to dash cluster any ideas ?
  2. Rikster23

    Rikster23 On the facelift path...

    Have you had a look at the wipers? Perhaps they need changing? or maybe the arm needs oiling/replacing?

    I do detailing on the side and what I did when I picked up my A6 last weekend was simply use a small amount of polishing compound and cleaned the windows before applying some windscreen protectant. I use Gtechniq products on my car.
  3. singhl

    singhl Member

    There is a common fault on vag cars, water gets into the wiper linkage and it seizes up, happened to my 2005 a6, had to take arms off and liberally spray wd-40 into it, leave to soak, and apply rease after, and put wiper arms back on. if no joy with that, thw whole thing had to come out and be prized apart, and greased and put back together, do a search it is well documented
  4. delirious

    delirious New Member

    Hya fella,

    I had what sounds like the same issue on my 2001 A6 Avant - turned out it was the wiper linkage. I had mine replaced at the dealers, but it may be with a bit of tlc yours could be repaired.
  5. Had the same prob last week. Eventually got the wiper linkage out and the outside arm was so seized I snapped the mounting bracket off trying to free it !60 quid later and new linkage from dealer sorted it. Good luck
  6. Something to note also is the new linkage had rubber gators around the spindle to stop water getting down. Obviously a needed improvement and I dare say the wiper will out last rest of car!
  7. Ianb4310

    Ianb4310 Member

    Cheers fellas spent a good hour spraying with wd-40 working it in re spraying etc etc seems to be ok at moment if it goes slow again I think I'll have to try and remove linkages and grease them up ! How difficult is this to do as access looked very limited and I've got shovel like hands
  8. Its a pig of a job really as so tight.

    Plenty of guides if you do a google search but basicaly:

    Wipers off (might be tight but persevere and DONT lever against the screen)
    Scuttle cover off
    Ecu box lid off
    3 bolts for wiper linkage to body.
    Elsawin instructions then says rotate forward and remove but in relity i had to dismantle the motor form the linkage with it still in the car.
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2012
  9. GISXER711

    GISXER711 New Member

    the wiper linkage will need to come out so you can strip down , use plenty of copper slip when rebuild .
    not a hard job but will take good couple hours .
    well my linkage took longer as needed big hammer and i had to weld threeds back onto driver side . well worth doing on a dry day.
    or go on ebay and buy another linkaga for around 45 then just replace
  10. murran

    murran Well-Known Member

    for 60 for a linkage with redesigned spindle bearings its not worth mucking about stripping and possibly breaking the old one.

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