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Sline Grill & Sline Valance Finally Installed On My 2010 A3 2L TDI SPORTS BACK

Chris Coates Aug 13, 2013

  1. Chris Coates

    Chris Coates Member

    Hi all dad finally got around to dropping the car of yesterday to get the "Sline Black Edition Grill Installed " - thanks A3Kent for suppling it)
    And also my Sline Rear Valance Double Pipe, as im no where near my car to take better pics the body shop emailed me these over, would love your onions i believe it finished the car off very well,
    and leaves my exterior all but done,

    ill put some before pics up up:

    My Car - Rear Sline Valance.JPG My Car - Sline Black Grill.JPG IMG_1160.jpg 02.jpg 02.jpg
  2. A3Kent

    A3Kent Well-Known Member

    You want some onions Chris?:p

    Glad you finally got the grille and valance on. They look great. The valance especially really gives the back end a meaner look I think.
  3. Chris Coates

    Chris Coates Member

    arhhh **** Options' :) i was 1/2 asleep when i wrote it,

    so happy with the way it looks nice, Found Sline Sills also very cheap so happy.
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