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Sline avant deposit paid - now just a few quick questions to get me shopping for bits

damodici Mar 31, 2013

  1. damodici

    damodici New Member

    Well as the title says really, popped back up north yesterday with the Mrs for a test drive as she'll be driving this one most of the week with the kids.

    But lets be honest.... its my toy and im just lending it her :)

    absolute credit to the previous owner, lovely condition inside and out the drive felt as tight as the A5 quattro (nearly), took advice from on here and checked a few things and in general im really happy with it. was even suprised with the 115bhp engine although ill be getting it remapped. Has rear parking sensors, Bose sound system etc

    so here she is in her current state:


    And now just a quick couple of questions if i may?

    Number 1: Towbar keys/replacements

    Its got a 'removable' towbar fitted (witter) and im wondering if on a 55 plate car is that what Audi would of factory fitted?

    Why do i ask? Well, whilst just chatting to the garage owner i thought id better check the towbar just to make sure id trust it towing my track bikes , so takes the bag out of the boot, just grabbed the towbar from inside and popped it on.

    Brilliant i thought, just locked in place nicely........

    Me - 'Wheres the key to remove it mate?'

    Him - 'Is it not in the bag?'

    Me - 'Erm, nope'

    20 minutes later of seraching everywhere in the car and in his office through all document books etc no sign what so ever.

    So my removable towbar is non removable ;)

    Are Audi likely to have record of the towbar or is there a code on it somewhere (car not with me so ill pass on the info to the seller)

    Im sure ill sort it but its just a niggle and i dont want it grinding off as its useful

    Number 2:

    This is the current stereo which i beleive is a 6 disc loading changer?


    What modern updates are available for it? Can i connect an ipod to it by use of a cable out the back and in to the glove box? Or am i best just replacing the unit to a more up to date set up (ideally with Bluetooth for phone calls etc)?

    If so what are my options? what fits that space or do i buy a filler plate and then get a more conventional stereo size and pop it in?

    Number 3:

    Armrest (or lack of)

    From what i gather arent the genuine audi armrests about £200? Ive looked at a couple on ebay for B6 & B7's but some look to just come in parts (top or bottom bit) and not in the best condition so to be fair i was wondering what the quality of those armster ones are like as lets be frank.... its an armrest. Aslong as it doesnt wobble or creek and the cloth kinda matches im happy with that.

    Number 4:

    Gear knob - may sound stupid but the interior is spotless but the gear knob has tiny white spots on it (almost like paint or something)

    Where can i buy a 5 speed gear knob that fits an audi? Am i looking too much in to this and nearly all gear knobs will fit? I just want one thats in keeping with the original but dosnt have to be a genuine audi part.

    Number 5:


    im going to buy a set up and wondered if there was a definitive list of A4 B7 Avant codes? Ive looked online and seem to get random posts, some saying some codes are good and some saying they edited this and that.

    id rather a list of tried and tesed codes that i know will work with the bits ive got if that makes sense.

    Finally... Number 6:

    apperance mods & remap:)

    I dont want to 'boy racer' the car but nice classy mods can really set a car off and ive done a decent job convincing the Mrs that an Estate is the way to go and luckily the B7 Slines are one of the best looking estates ive seen and she quite liked it.

    However what little touches do people suggest? Lighting? Alloy change? trim alerations? Happy to consider anything really as long as its not HUGELY expensive :)

    Remapping: Would you look for a proper ecu remap or added box? If so who with/what make? remeber its only a 115bhp but i guess pushing it up to 135-140bhp shouldnt put too much additional strain on the clutch

    Thanks gents, im well chuffed we've decided on the car, itll do our newest arrival proud and if i was going to have to buy a 'family wagon' then i couldve done a lot worse than this. :)

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