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slightly ill S3...

twofivenine May 1, 2007

  1. twofivenine

    twofivenine Member

    since buying my 2001 S3 it has always had a slight knocking noise when on full lock at slow speed. searching the forum brought up top strut mounts or ARB bushes which might be at fault. The car has been to my mates garage twice to sort it and each time he says both are fine. Went in last wednesday again, he took the wheel off and found the spring is not seating in the cup at the top of the suspension leg properly. I bought the car and found it to be running on Koni FSD's, but unsure of what springs. They are red but dont have any markings on. Should I buy some different springs and hope they fit better? He also said the top legs looked pretty new, so could it be them that are at fault? Dont really want to start changing the whole suspension back to stock...

    Secondly, the exhaust started blowing this morning from the center section, new stainless or get it welded up?

  2. sitrials

    sitrials Member

    i think mine has starting blowing just after the cats so i'm getting a full stainless in a couple of weeks by pipewerx £411 inc VAT and fitting and fully custom. then later the downpipe and sport cat that they offer for £600 on ebay!

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