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Slight stutter at constant speeds?

tobycruse Jun 16, 2010

  1. tobycruse

    tobycruse Member

    I have just got my car back from Audi after they fitter cruise control for me and also checked the cam follower for wear. They also replaced a screw that had come out of the exhaust heat shield.

    Since I have got the car back I have noticed an ever so slight stutter in the power delivery at constant speeds, say for example motorway driving. It feels like I take my foot off the accelerator for a split second and then return it. The stutter is so slight that my passenger couldn't notice it but being the driver I could.

    I have never filled up with Tesco 99, always Shell V Power. I was driving on the motor way today watching my boost gauge to see the stutter. The car looses about 5psi for a split second and then regains it. And when giving it some it throttles back the boost for a little before returning it, feels like a dip in the torque curve.

    Does anyone know what this could be? It seems to happen at random points through the rev range. What could Audi have done when fitting the cruise control that made this stutter appear?

    Should I take the car back to Audi or to AmD?

    Many thanks for and help in advance!
  2. navnayyar

    navnayyar Member

    sounds like a air leak, usually DV! check DV and all pipes
  3. Harrelson

    Harrelson Member

    If the problem started after AUDI fitted cruise control its best you take it back and explain how the car feels. They should run some diagnostic tests and see what comes up but i suspect something on the software side. Engine ECU?
  4. waring192

    waring192 Member


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