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Slight Siren Noise - 55 plate 2.0tdi 140 70k miles

teebonator Oct 17, 2012

  1. teebonator

    teebonator New Member

    My car is making the EXACT same noise as the one in this video ( http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/a3-s3-...hining-noise-when-accelerating-any-ideas.html ) except it is probably a little quieter - to be fair I really have to listen for it when I'm in the car and is only audible if all quiet in the car (no radio etc).

    What is it? Is it the turbo?

    Mine seems to make this noise when revving at very low revs 1000-1200rpm then less so after that - way before you would be expecting any kind of whistle from the turbo. It makes the noise in synchrony with the engine revving (i.e. when you take your foot off the accelerator it stops then back on it starts again) however the noise carries on slightly after the revs have died down to idle.

    Only just bought the car so will be gutted if new turbo needed since gathered it's a thousand pound job right? 2005 55 plate 2.0tdi 140 70k miles. Got a bluefin but will take it off if it's gonna put pressure on a turbo that is already on its way out.

    Any help very much appreciated - have read loads of threads and there seems to be two main opinions with this - (a) it is "normal" and people have driven for 20,000miles+ without it getting worse or causing problems or (b) that it is a warning sign that the turbo is defo on its way out

    Is the truth perhaps somewhere between these two extremes? Not really bothering me at the moment and no performance impact but would like to get some views on it.
  2. Cossie_boy

    Cossie_boy Member

    In my last job I drove countless VW/Audi and lots of them sounded like this, i cant help think its not that abnormal

    My old GT TDi 110 back in the day had a big exhaust and used to really chirp when you let off!

    If, you did need a turbo yes that about 1k as had on one mine recently, no noise, but you can get recon or pattern about £300 I recall
  3. flying oyster

    flying oyster flying oyster

    id say the ones i have driven whine a bit and if you have a map on your car its always gonna put a bit of extra strain on your car components. sometimes we all get a bit paranoid about noises we here on our cars and the forum is a good source of information it can fuel yours fears aswell drive it enjoy it and if it goes blows in a puff of white smoke you were right lol
  4. teebonator

    teebonator New Member

    Haha good way of thinking about it!!

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