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Slight Knocking Noise - Opinions?

Geoff-R May 24, 2011

  1. Geoff-R

    Geoff-R Member

    Hi, I've just done a quick search of the forum and on Google with regards to this problem but I fail to get a definitive answer or something that seems remotely right.

    About 2 weeks ago I fitted a new steering rack to my A3 (Quattro TDi). It had failed and blown a seal leaving me with the heaviest steering imaginable. The rack was fitted and the steering has been returned to better than it's former glory. Whilst I'm happy with this outcome a problem that had been there at the same time was never resolved and it's been bugging me, I'm hoping someone can diagnose it or at the very least tell me where to look.

    When I reverse off my drive I apply the brakes and hear a quiet knock coming from the front of the car. If I move forward and then brake again the knock occurs again so I can establish it happens going forward and in reverse. Now I've just noticed (not entirely sure if this is originating from the same place) that when stationery with the engine on if I move the steering wheel ever so slightly I seem to get a knock when turning it to the right.

    My initial thoughts is this could be a bush but knowing which one is half the battle, can anyone give me any pointers? Thanks, and I apologise if this is something that has been covered a 1000 times before.
  2. Geoff-R

    Geoff-R Member

    Anyone have any ideas?
  3. S3 Paul

    S3 Paul Well-Known Member Regional Rep

    In all honesty i think the slight noise when going forward then braking and reversing then braking...
    I would surgest that its the front brake pads moving in the caliper.
    If you reverse then brake it does it? what about if you ease of the brakes and then press it again? no noise?
    The main bushing issue ive had on my S3... was the drop links... they clunk and rattle over rough ground but not normaly when turning the wheel.
  4. Geoff-R

    Geoff-R Member

    Cheers for the reply mate. To be honest you raise a good point as I can't pin point when the noise started happening but the front pads and discs have been replaced since owning the car. There is also a slight clunk and rattle on rough roads. Cheers for the pointers. I'll check them out and report back.
  5. kent_andy

    kent_andy Member

    could be a front anti roll bar, maybe its cracked, damaged, mine made a noise especially when going over speed bumps....

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