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Slight Judder when pulling away!!

blucoop Apr 1, 2010

  1. blucoop

    blucoop Member

    Got stuck in operation stack for two hours yesterday, meaning lots of stopping and starting. After about an hour i started to notice that when pulling away there is slight judder when engaging first gear. there is also a very slight judder when changing up into second. Not sure if its related but ive also heard a little clonk noise recently when pulling away (heard this about a month ago).

    Please someone tell me this isnt clutch or flywheel on way out, as ive only just bought the car two months ago and could do without a big bill. Could it be a mount or something???

    Any advice, good or bad news wil be much appreciated.



    Oh and its a 54 plate b6 avant. ;-)
  2. J7USS

    J7USS Shuddup Foooool!!

    It could be your flywheel but also consider your gearbox mount.
    Take it to a decent clutch center for a diagnosis.Failing that you could try Audi but choose wisely!!!

    Do you have any Whining noise in 1st/2nd gear???
  3. dsmclark40v

    dsmclark40v Member

    Does sound like a dual mass flywheel as thats what my old b5 did. But I got 3 years driving out of it with it like it before getting it changed.

    Which engine has yours got? did you buy it from a trader with a warranty or private?
  4. blucoop

    blucoop Member

    Hi thanks for the responses. Its the tdi 130 model. And yeah i did buy it witha years warranty, do you reckon it will be covered then, as i wasnt sure as they may just say its wear and tear??


  5. legin

    legin Member

    Was it ******* down ? because I found this happens on a number of VAG cars I have owned, once the weather dries out it goes again. No clonk though. Just a thought.
  6. rashpal1

    rashpal1 Member

    My 3.0 V6 Quattro is doing something similar... It drives fine then all of a sudden it will just flip and you will have loads of vibration when revving the car around1800rpm and also when pulling away loads of judder.. Once the car is moving its seems fine at a constant speed but comes back when you accelerate, when the clutch is fully pressed down you get a rattling noise from the car and feedback of the rattle through the clutch pedal...

    Switch the car off for 20-30mins and fire her up again and and it's fine again, no problems.. have noticed that it does it mainly after about 2 hours of driving.. VAG-COM does not show any errors at all..

    Spoke to AMD in Lakeside and they said they can't really diagnose the problem as it is not there constantly, as it is a intermitant problem...

    Any one else had any similar issues??

  7. QuattroFreak

    QuattroFreak Member

    I have a very similar issue, when pulling off there are some vibrations, never when I change gear or driving at speed, just pulling off and it's quite bad if you are turning out from a junction.

    I turned off the ESP this morning and it was noticeably better, maybe an issue in the ECU (Traction control)? Going to investigate later as I am getting her up on my mate's ramp to have my first good look under her! fingers crossed!!
  8. fallmonk

    fallmonk Turbo Sport

    Was told to "skim" the fly wheel when I had this problem, wait till engine warm Track control off , high revs ride clutch and let it pull away !
    Worked on mine but that's not say it will work on yours !
  9. QuattroFreak

    QuattroFreak Member

    Sounds more like a clutch "burn out" tbh! lol!
  10. BakPak

    BakPak No Gear

    Last summer I accelerated quite hard coming onto a roundabout and the shudder was vile, I thought oh **** the clutch is shot! But so long as I take it steady from a standstill it's been ok. Mind you driving on the M6 toll in very heavy rain shortly after I could get the shudder effect just by putting my foot down whilst doing 80 (ish) lol!

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