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Slide out Compartment Sticking >:( !!! Help plz..

McYo Apr 5, 2010

  1. McYo

    McYo New Member

    Hello all..

    New audi owner and new to this site.. Been reading it all day and finally found out how to post new threads (is that right :eek: ? ) Just bought a 2005 Facelift Model 2.0 TDI SPORT A3 (Pics up soon :)) and i've fallen in love... But the compartment beside the hazard light button is sticking and wont slide out properly :mad: .... V v v annoying.. I presume i'll have to take apart the dash to fix this.. Any help or idea's would be really appreciated thanks :) ... Has symphany II HU (learnt that from this site :) ) installed also if that matters !!!

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