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SKY HD £200 - no catch

Amchlolor Mar 6, 2007

  1. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member

    Just ordered a brand new SKY HD box from www.pennineplus.com
    Authorised SKY dealer.
    £200 delivered.
    If you have SKY+ already,the box just switches over,so no need for a £60 install.
    Same wiring etc.
    Then it's just a case of calling SKY and getting them to upgrade your card down the line.
    Piece of proverbial.
    I'm afraid there's no way of avoiding the £10 a month for HD subscription,but at least you've saved £99 on the box itself.

    The box price was always the stumbling block for me,not the sub.
  2. TDI-line

    TDI-line Uber Post Whore Team Floret Silver quattro Audi A3 Black Edition TDi

    Bugger, bought mine a few months back.
  3. daz2347

    daz2347 Member

    good luck trying to subscribe it! you will need to call Sky to activate it which will be fun.....

    Comet are doing them for £149.
  4. Amchlolor

    Amchlolor Active Member


    Activating couldn't have been simpler.
    I just called SKY,told them I had a new box and wanted to subscribe to HD.
    They just paired the card with the box and upgraded the package.
    Took about 5 minutes.

    Show me where Comet are doing them for £149 as a straight purchase,not as part of some other deal,like buying a TV first.
    Just a straight "I'd like an HD box please" purchase.
    I don't think so.
  5. daz2347

    daz2347 Member

    Maybe not easy to buy but comet get a bonus for sign ups and at the momment they are not doing so well, so yes if you ask as long as you buy something you will get it for £149 plus maybe a pack of batteries...

    as for getting sky to do that well done! i tried for two days..
  6. adigraham

    adigraham Member

    I was given a normal sky box by my dad and when i moved house i just called them up .. 10 minutes on the phone and 1/2 hour later i had sky sorted.. i think it depends on how lucky you are on the day!

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