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Ski load through

m3gsxr Oct 15, 2009

  1. m3gsxr

    m3gsxr New Member

    Would any one know if its possible to retro fit a ski load through/rear centre arm rest on a 2006 A6 advant?
    Appreciate anyone's thoughts on this.
  2. silverstealth

    silverstealth Member

    The only sensible way to retrofit is to get a double side rear seat that has it and replace yours (though it needs to match fabric etc). Would have thought a breakers would have one. They arent that common as they were an option on A6's. I replaced my full interior (C5 rather than yr C6 model) with that from an RS6 - where the ski load was standard.

    By the way, do u really want the ski load thru or just the open one?

    Taking out the rear seats is easy (plenty of guides on internet), just be careful with airbags if they r fitted.

    Good luck.

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