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Single wiper convert for audi a3 8l 1.8t

Blackquattro Feb 24, 2011

  1. Blackquattro

    Blackquattro New Member

    Does the audi tt single wiper arm and mec fit the audi a3 8l? just demon tweeks wont confirm if it does or not?
  2. RLines

    RLines New Member


    Im new on here and looking for a single wiper conversion for my A3 1.8T.

    I have found the kit for the TT but as above an finding it difficult to get anyone to tell me if the TT kit will fit a A3.

    Other option i was thinking if anyone can tell me does the MK4 Golf have the same wiper mechanism as a A3?

    Thanks in advance for any further info.

  3. Prawn

    Prawn My other car is a MINI!!!!

    I looked into this a while ago, and didn't bother in the end.

    The stock wiper motor would be modified to give you a single wiper activation I reckon, but it'd be fiddly.

    Be clocking the drive arm round, you could get the wiper to part vertically up the screen, and give a reasonable sweep across on the standard length arm.

    if you wanted full coverage and a larger sweep area, you could achieve this by shortening the actuating arm at the wiper end, as the shorter arm would give a greater sweep from a given motor input. This in theory could be made to park vertically or at the bottom depending on your preference.

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