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single mass or dual mass whats the difference

flying oyster Feb 15, 2010

  1. flying oyster

    flying oyster flying oyster

    sorry guys have searched on here for answer but not found any sense im having new clutch fitted next week and a mate who is doing it for me reccomends i go the single mass route for more reliabilty so what difference will it make to my car
    or is it best to stick to dual mass :confused:
  2. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo 6+1 Gears Bronze Supporter Audi A3

    "The dual mass systems are designed to transmit less engine vibration to the driveline, and give a better more car like driving experience. They also reduce some of the jarring and stress on the transmission and remainder of the drivetrain. They work fine as long as the engine remains unmodified and the vehicle is not used/abused beyond manufacturers recommendations.
    As soon as you start to increase the engine power over stock, or load the vehicle beyond design parameters, you run into problems. Dual mass flywheels are tuned systems and must be matched to the engine torque curve, engine resonant characteristics, vehicle load curves (including axle ratio/tire size calculations). They work by having a set of springs inserted between two rotating masses (thus dual mass). The springs are sized to soak up some of the resonant vibration from the diesel engine under load conditions. A dual mass fly wheel generally also contains an over torque friction release, so if it gets suddenly overloaded, rather than damage the springs, it slips. This works fine as a safety valve, but if it does it much it burns up. In short, overloaded they burn up and the springs get destroyed and they are worse than if it were a single mass FW.
    The single mass part WILL tend to transmit more engine pulse (vibration) tot he drivetrain, and will seem a bit rougher. But it is straight forward to design a single mass flywheel and clutch package for pretty much any engine torque curve and vehicle loading combo you can come up with. Drives more like a TRUCK, but has much better reliability at extreme use levels." (source: http://high-impact.net)

    Also you can find pictures of both of them with Google. There are a lot of them. A cross section picture will definitely clear things about the way it works.
  3. flying oyster

    flying oyster flying oyster

    so less to go wrong but more engine noise and vibration if im am reading write so i suppose my next question is any one running a single mass fly wheel and what is it like :confused:
  4. david_phillips95

    david_phillips95 Member VCDS Map User

    Im running an uprated Sachs Performance Clucth Kit & OEM DMF with no issues, feels far better than the OEM setup. SMF's cause alot of gearbox rattle/chatter on idle, i was advised by the audi specialist that fitted my clutch to stay clear of SMF route as it puts alot of extra strain on the crank, gearbox etc. There are a few users on here running a SMF with no problems mind you, i just didnt want to chance it.


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