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Single din headunit adaptor

kent_andy Jun 16, 2011

  1. kent_andy

    kent_andy Member

    Hi guys,

    I have a single din dash (pre-facelift) and read up that you need an adaptor to fit an aftermarket headunit, is there any specific one people recommend?
  2. SunnyB

    SunnyB Member

    You'll need an adapter/fascia to fit in the head unit to the dash, this will cover the blanks spots. These are about £10 from ebay and Halfords etc

    There's also a stereo wiring adapter you can use. This will go between the new stereos wiring and the cars wiring and should keep the the standard sub/amp in the boot working. Also available from ebay. Autoleads do these, usually available from Halfords or any ICE dealer for about £10-£15.

    Ebay is likely to be the cheapest option. Dont think there will be too much difference in brands/quality.

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