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Silver or Titanium alloys on Ibis Black Edition???

phil-LFC Apr 19, 2010

  1. phil-LFC

    phil-LFC Member

    Finally got our Ibis BE last week. Well impressed!!!

    We ordered Silver Wheels and Brushed Aluminium inserts, but it turned up with Titanium Wheels and Piano Black Inserts :-(

    The car is a company car for my wife, so we got in touch with the lease company, who in turn contacted Audi. Audi were initially insistent that Silver wheels and Brushed Alu inserts were not an option on the BE (we ordered it in Dec). We argued, and after a few hours they conceded that we were "absolutely right" after all. They have said they'll swap the wheels and inserts soon. Trouble is, both the wife and myself are getting more and more used to the Titanium alloys!

    Now I reckon most people on here will say to keep the Titanium alloys, but we still like the look of the silver ones. What should we do???

    Whatever we decide with the alloys, we're definitely going to change the inserts, as the Piano Black ones are a nightmare - they show all finger marks, and you only have to touch them to scratch them.

    Anyway, everything else is great with the car. This is a mini review of the 2.0TDi 140 so far, if anyone is interested:

    I currently drive a BMW 530d, and the A3 is every bit as good a drive. The 2.0 TDi (140) is obviously nowhere near as powerful, but it feels nippy enough, and is super smooth and quiet. The gear change is super slick too, which is nice after driving my auto. The DRL's together with the white front/black grille look stunning, and get loads of attention. So glad we went for white as well. It looks great and is so much easier to keep looking great than black. It's bad enough trying to look after those black inlays!

    Another real nice surprise (as we didn't actually test drive an A3 - I know, very silly), is how good the ride is. After reading What Car mag reviews, we thought the ride was going to be very firm. What a load of tosh. It is brilliant - IMO the perfect balance of road holding and comfort. Far better than my "5" on run flats, and far far better than a 1 Series M Sport on RFT's!

    I have just driven to North Wales and back from the Midlands today, and felt quite relaxed after the long journey. I went via the motorway and tried to drive as economically as possible, keeping to the speed limits (as always!!!). After 123 miles I averaged 59mph, and 60.7mpg! On the way back I had a blast over the mountains, and then a bit of motorway, at a quicker pace;-), but still averaged 52mpg. We've had it for just over a week now and done 1100 miles, and "Trip 2" is still set from Zero miles, and that shows an average of 49mpg. Quite happy with that after the 30mpg in my 5. Hopefully it will improve further as it loosens up a bit.

    The only bad bits, so far: Most annoying thing was the door unlocking, only unlocking the drivers door, but now fixed by reading the manual properly and adjusting it via the menu!

    Also, the cruise control lever is poorly positioned, me with my long fingers can just about reach it comfortably, but not very ergonomic.

    The stereo seems to have a mind of it's own with the volume level. I presume it has a speed sensitive volume function, suppose I should have another read of the manual!:readit:

    Anyway, I was only supposed to be posting on here to try and help me make my mind up about the alloys, but got a bit carried away. I'll try and put some photos up soon. Is this easy enough to do by linking to Facebook?

    (If anyone has some pictures of an Ibis Sportback BE with the silver wheels, I'd love to see them, thanks!).

    SILVER or TITANIUM? :think:
  2. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Titanium without a doubt. Wont look like a Black Edition otherwise
  3. davej_anderson

    davej_anderson Member

    What he said
  4. bluenose

    bluenose Member

  5. Sarah's A3

    Sarah's A3 MODERATOR V6 S3 Hybrid Moderator

    Titanium definately
  6. pu6486

    pu6486 New Member

    Concur. Silver may be easier to touch up after kerbing etc. (an incentive not to kerb them then?!) but what's not to like about these?

  7. pillboy88

    pillboy88 Member

    Titanium all the way... silvers are a dime a dozen especially if you like the attention :)
  8. phil-LFC

    phil-LFC Member

    Pretty emphatic vote for the Titaniums then!

    Thanks all, think we'll be keeping the Titaniums.


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