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Side skirt bracket help needed.

OllyS4 Oct 30, 2009

  1. OllyS4

    OllyS4 Member

    I've just changed my wing on my S4 avant and the bracket that holds the side skirt to the wing was rusted and the two nuts snaped off, but i cant find a part number.
    is it part of the skirt?
    if not what is the part number just for the bracket?
    It's got two bits of studding coming out of it.
  2. jcb

    jcb Active Member

    trim piece between front wheel and door?
    not sure whihc bit you mean, front or back?

    not sure which one you need and whether facelift or not but here is what I have saved

    Rear bumper side holder-
    8D9 807 571 AA near side
    8D9 807 572AA offside

    Front Bumper side holder
    8D0 807 049 AA nearside
    8D0 807 050 AA offside

    Side trim parts
    (1) 8D0-853-859-GRU trim
    (1) 8D0-853-860-GRU trim
    (1) 8D0-853-923-01C holder
    (1) 8D0-853-924-01C holder
    (10) 8D0-854-955-B-01C (-GRU) ring 89p
    (10) 8A0-854-953 cover
    (1) 8D0-853-941 strip
    (1) 8D0-853-942 strip
    (1) 8D0-854-973 clamp £13.65
    (1) 8D0-854-974 clamp
    (1) 8D0-854-977 clamp £12.80
    (1) 8D0-854-978 clamp
    (1) 8D0-854-983 clamp £5.43
    (1) 8D0-854-984 clamp

    (1) 8D0-853-959-A-GRU moulding
    (1) 8D0-853-960-A-GRU moulding
    (1) 8D0-853-969-A-GRU moulding
    (1) 8D0-853-970-A-GRU moulding
    (1) 8D0-853-959-A-GRU moulding
    (1) 8D0-853-953-B-GRU moulding
    (1) 8D0-853-954-B-GRU moulding
    (1) 8D0-853-963-B-GRU moulding
    (1) 8D0-853-964-B-GRU moulding
    (1) 8D0-853-974-B-GRU moulding

    (1) 8D0-854-861-A-GRU cover
    (1) 8D0-854-862-A-GRU cover
  3. rasA4

    rasA4 Four Rings Mafia Specialist Team V6 Audi A4 saloon

    Olly i think i know what you mean

    this is my one what i have done is straighten it in my dads vice and sawed off the bolts and drilled through the head of the bolt. Im going to use nut and bolt to secure.

    Hope this helps
  4. OllyS4

    OllyS4 Member

    rasA4 that is it. thats the bit i need.
    Mine also looks like that on the passenger side (drivers ok)
    Watch that you dont bend the small hook flat, that holds the trim bit back on.

    So can anyone help us with the part number of the bit in the pic?
    It should be one of the numbers JCB has put up IF it's not classed as part of the side skirt.
    And sorry it's a pre-facelift, and yes its between the front wheel and the door under the plastic cover, it holds the cover and side skirt to the wing.
  5. rasA4

    rasA4 Four Rings Mafia Specialist Team V6 Audi A4 saloon

    yes i have bent it back already,
    sorry forgot to mention its part of the skirt sadly so no part number
  6. OllyS4

    OllyS4 Member

    OH poo !!!
    I'll have to get and make something up then, that'l be fun..... NOT

    How much is a N/S side skirt? I've got to get the wing sprayed any way.
    Thats a S4 pre-facelift avant.

    Thanks for your help
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2009

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