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side light gone

mr brightside Oct 3, 2007

  1. mr brightside

    mr brightside New Member

    The passengers side light bulb has gone, and i won't take it to the main dealers as the handbook suggests!
    I've taken a bit of trim off to be able to get to the unit, and tried to unscrew the bulb, but it turns, yet won't come out.
    Am i missing something here, or have audi really made it that difficult?

    Also the bulb that needs replacing looks nothing like the bulb that apparrently Halfords claims is the correct one.

    Many thanks for any pointers/
  2. enda1

    enda1 Member

    I think the type of bulb you need is W5W or maybe a type 501. They are an all glass bulb with no metal base, just the ends of the electrodes hanging out
    The link below is a good way to see what bulbs you need for each lamp

    To remove the bulb
    Turn bulb holder anti-clockwise and pull it out of headlight housing. If you want a diagram send me a PM with an email address and i'll send to you
  3. meatychi

    meatychi Member

    I have just had to do this myself - 501 is right!

    You might need some pliers to get the holder out, I have womens hands and I struggled.

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