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Side Indicator Removal

natedog Oct 18, 2006

  1. natedog

    natedog Member

    Ok, stupid question but how do you go about removing the side indicators on the RS6, as I have got myself some smoked ones, but just dont want to go jumping in with a big screwdriver and damage something...
  2. marmite

    marmite Counting the Tesco Club points

    Hello MATE

    Ok fairly easy, look at he new ones and you will see a spring type clip at one end, what you need to do is push the repeater (think is back) it should just then ping out, I used a little plastic scraper thingy to get mine out to change the bulb.

    I have no e-mail at work at the moment, PC went bang and the IT monkies are fixing it at the moment!!

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