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  1. clcollins

    clcollins Member

    OK so I've gone off the RS8 wheels idea, weight, repair issues and the fact I could only afford replicas are what put me off.

    So now I'm think of giving my car the AMD Stage 3 treatment for TDI's, but I do have some reservations, which are:
    1) Cost
    2) Have to leave my car there for a week
    3) Some remaps put out figures close to the Stage 3 (my car is already remapped, it's OK but I not overly impressed)
    4) Insurance
    5) What will it do to my MPG?

    What would you lot do (if it was your money)?
    Anyone had this done, was it worth the extra money?
  2. pwnorman

    pwnorman Member

    What the hell do they need it for a week for,dont think your mpg will change much but as always the fun pedal tells you todo otherwise and gravity always wins.
  3. richy

    richy Member

    im in sort of the same boat...

    ive got a load of cash burning a hole and want to off load it on my car...

    think of it this way...

    1) more speed means more chance of wrapping your car and/or getting banned by the cops...

    2) when your at a show.. ok peeps can have a look at the engine but its the outside and inside of the car that wins teh show.

    3) tell a woman you have 3000480273bhp and loads of other figures and it flies over their head....

    go styling fella

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