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Should I still change the control flap.

Vanessa May 28, 2014

  1. Vanessa

    Vanessa Member

    Hi Guys,

    A couple of weeks ago I had a problem with my car stuttering at 50mph for about 10 second, then all fine. Glow plug light flashing.


    checked the maf and cleaned (if you remember there was a gap at the side of the maf, which should not be there. Due to wrong filter housing.

    changed the injector wiring loom about 9 days ago.

    Also cleaned the control flap as it seemed to be sticking and ordered a new one. Still waiting for it to be delivered. As well as a new fuel filter.

    So after doing the above the car was still shuddering at 50 mph.

    Until 5 days ago. Started the car as usual, Low and behold no stuttering.

    5 days on car still running fine. Touch wood.

    So my question is. Is it possible the car took time to realize it has a new wiring loom. Then rectified itself. Or is this a myth.

    Also should I still go ahead and change the flap.

    the car is running like a dream.

    or should I leave it well alone and see how it goes.
  2. Johnny Bravo

    Johnny Bravo 6+1 Gears Audi A3

    If the flap is now working fine and there is no error for it, than don't change it.
  3. Vanessa

    Vanessa Member

    Thanks, that's what I was thinking.

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