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Should I bother changing springs and wheels?

ned.c Jun 11, 2009

  1. ned.c

    ned.c Member

    Hi all,

    I have a 2.0tdi 140 sportback sport with standard sport suspension and 17" sport alloys. I like the look of some of the 18" wheels but am in somewhat of a quandry.

    I changed wheels before on my previous car (16-17") and the ride comfort suffered a little and the performance suffered due to the extra weight of the larger wheel as unsprung weight.

    If I change these bits on the audi I'd want to use standard/oem bits so as not to have to worry about affecting insurance too much. I thought about fitting s-line suspension and the rs6 style s-line wheels but read a lot of people saying the s-line suspension is very crashy at low speed and guessing it'd be worse than the sport as it's a bit lower and wit the lower profile tyres on 18" wheels. I then got into reading about the eibach 30mm kit which gives a better ride and minimal drop over my standard springs but then I'm back to worrying about insurance again.

    Can anyone give me suggestions as to what a good solution would be? I enjoy the car as it is but would prefer performance over looks but that said don't want it to looks pants or cost the earth (if insurance and money wasn't an option I'd have ultraleggeras, prorace1.2 or bbs ch I think) and I don't want to ruin the ride comfort, I know the sport stuff isn't great but don't want to make it worse! i also would rather avoid reps as I know they are generally heavier and come back to the loss of performance which I don't want.

    I guess ideally I'd be looking for cheap, lightweight (or similar weight to current 17") oem wheels and advice on what to do about the suspension as if I go to 18" I'd be worried about arch gap looking silly.

    Another question - do 18" give any performance advantage in terms of grip or tyre stability? I know people run the same width 225 tyres so is there any advantage in that? i don notice any problems with tyres rolling on the rims on my current 17".

    Suggestions/comments welcome! From my mind it's all a bit of a compromise and I'm not sure what to do or just leave it as is.


  2. gixxer600k4

    gixxer600k4 Member

    get the rs6 alloys as they look great or even the new shape rs6 alloys, with your car being a diesel, you have plenty of torque, so you will not feel much difference, if you do, then get a re-map. or you could get some oz or bbs lightweight alloys!

    eibach 30mm drop will offer the best performance, as you have the sport it will drop your car 20mm so it will be just a little lower than an s-line, ride comfort will be great, i have fitted the rs6 alloys and got myself some H&R 35mm spring, i also have a sport so il see a drop of 25mm same as the s3.


    if you go down to the 4th post by 10blazin, he has fitted the H&R 35mm springs and looks really good.
  3. jb111s

    jb111s Member

    I'm getting my sport fitted with 18" OEM RS6's & 30mm Eibach pro's next monday.

    I'll put a post up with pics & write up of the differences.
  4. ned.c

    ned.c Member

    thanks jb111s that'd be really helpful
  5. 10blazin


    its either comfort or looks and performance mate and if you go 18s you will be disapointed with arch gaps and looks wont be that much better

    this is mine with 18 inch alloys and sline suspension looks ok but after a while 19s were screaming at me from other cars i saw with 19s


    so i had it lowered on h&r springs which are slightly more comfy than sline and went 19s and can honestly say i didnt notice that much difference with the 2 because the springs were better

    19s and lowered.... so much better


    so if 18s are the biggest your willing to go , the eibach springs are probably the best springs to go for there softer than sline springs and h&r and there pretty cheap to with 18s you should be fine , but they will still not be as comfy as your setup now but thats the choice you have to make i went for purely looks but it does handle alot better than it did ....

    but tbh id go 19s and eibachs i would of gone eibach but they didnt go low enough on qauttro so i went for h&r hope this helps

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