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Should I be worried?

haytch75 Jul 22, 2011

  1. haytch75

    haytch75 Member

    Had car serviced last week and a fault code below was thrown up but also shows as:-
    "08-10 Control Limit Surpassed - Intermittent"

    I've only noticed a lack of power twice when I was flooring it up a slight hill with the last being around 3500 miles ago. Since then the car has been driving perfectly.
    I'm wondering if I should be worried and if anyone can tell me what the Intermittent means? or should I just carry on enjoying it and get over my high-milage hypochodria!
    169K with full history and regular oil. Any Thoughts?
    00575 - Intake Manifold Pressure: Control Limit Exceeded

    Possible Symptoms

    • Sudden complete loss of Power
    • Reduced Power
    • Charge Pressure too High
    Possible Causes

    • Solenoid Valve for Boost Pressure Control (N75) defective
    • Turbo Charger defective
    Possible Solutions

    • Check Solenoid Valve for Boost Pressure Control (N75)
    • Check Basic Setting > MVB 011
  2. hades-

    hades- Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Intermittent means

    it happens now and again
  3. haytch75

    haytch75 Member

    OK. Does this mean that the N75 and/or Turbo is highly likely to go permanently wrong sometime soon?

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