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Should dis auto reset?

Stutibs Jan 12, 2013

  1. Stutibs

    Stutibs Member

    Hi all, I'm still trying to sort out my radio-dis problem but don't know where to start, it the dis info (average mpg, time elapsed, average mph) supposed to automatically reset when you start the car? If not can it be turned on to do that?

    Also I have had the radio out and checked canbus wires does anyone know what power I should have?

    Also I have a canbus code on vagcom for radio and cluster so I am inclined to think wiring fault? Has anybody ever fixed this, I have done a search across the web but as soon as someone posts this problem up it gets avoided like the plague.

    Many thanks to any help given
  2. @udi A3

    @udi A3 Site Sponsor Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    My DIS only resets when holding the reset button on the bottom of the stalk on each statistic you wish to reset.
    What was the readings and codes from vagcom?
    What year is your car? Mine is 02 and has no canbus.
  3. Stutibs

    Stutibs Member

    For instrument the code is:
    Address 17: Instruments Labels: 8L0-920-xxx-17.lbl
    Part No: 8L0 920 980 P
    Component: KOMBI+WEGFAHRS. VDO D07
    Coding: 00444
    Shop #: WSC 10001
    VCID: 40897C0E40A2AD1861C
    WAUZZZ8L321001069 AUZ7Z0A1883224
    2 Faults Found:
    01304 - Radio
    49-00 - No Communications
    01311 - Information Data Bus
    37-10 - Faulty - Intermittent

    For radio:
    Address 56: Radio Labels: 8E0-035-1xx-56.lbl
    Part No: 8L0 035 195 H
    Component: symphony II NP2 0005
    Coding: 00201
    Shop #: WSC 01236
    VCID: 336323C201140680ECE
    1 Fault Found:
    01336 - Data Bus for Comfort System
    37-00 - Faulty
  4. Stutibs

    Stutibs Member

    Here you go, thanks
  5. Stutibs

    Stutibs Member

    The weirdest thing just happened. I went out to my car, to find the radio backlit (never since i've owned it has it ever lit up) even though the car was off and locked. Turned it on and backlight went off and not come back on. What on earth is going on with my car?!
  6. Stutibs

    Stutibs Member

    Avoided like the plague again. I assume either no one knows or no one wants to help.
  7. Filth

    Filth Member

    Unless its a problem people have had before it is very hard to diagnose the problem and solve especially over a forum.

    I would would take a punt and say find someone with vagcom to do some tests to see if that sheds some light failing that something funny is going on with the electrics so speak to some garages (maybe even Audi)

    My DIS is the same as above and only resets by holding the reset button on the info you want to reset.

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