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shortened A3

Khufu Aug 21, 2004

  1. Khufu

    Khufu Well-Known Member

    Had a pleasant day out and was driving south at Inverkip when I had to stop for a car turning right.

    As a crawled to a near stop I looked in my rear view mirror I saw a stupid girl in an escort too busy lighting her cigarette with the car lighter to notice we were all stopped. I floored the car in an attempt to drive up the grass verge to my left but to little avail. She whacked into the rear of my car and pushed me towards the wall on my left which I glanced with my front bumper and alloy, she then procceded to run into the car in front of me. Me, my friend and her 6 month old baby were all fine though the paramedics took my friend to hospital to get x-rayed as her nech was sore.

    The car isn't so good. I had to partially deflate the spare to get it out of the tyre well to replace the NS/F that was flat. The spare was jammed in due to the rear of the car being squashed in.

    My concern is that it will be written off as the car is worth more to me that I'd get! Just glad I spotted her or we would have been sandwiched between the two cars! Here looking forward to getting up with a rather sore neck tomorrow!

    CARACTERE007 Member

    gees /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/blush.gif, im glad youre ok fella....hope the insurance peeps get this sorted for you pronto.
  3. Stepho

    Stepho Member

    Sorry to hear Khufu, all that said hope nobody was hurt. Sounds like you were lucky thanks to a bit of quick thinking. Cars of any kind can be replaced, Lives can't. There should be a law against smoking while driving, after all they done it for mobile phones.
  4. Kevint

    Kevint Active Member

    Yes, sorry to hear that. Hope the car can be repaired as opposed to a write off. As you say, they never pay out what the car is worth to you /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif

    Makes me wonder sometimes why we bother paying insurance as it does not put us back in the same place we were before an accident. So, they sell Gap Insurance to cover the difference if your car is a write off - surely thats why we pay insurance in the first place!

  5. ZAF

    ZAF Member

    Sorry to hear, Mate.
    Glad to see no one was hurt.
    [censored]'s you off though careless drivers.
    As long as the insurance pay up well for you.
  6. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    Take her for all she's worth and press the Police to take action. The sooner that silly tart is off the road the better. She should be done for at least Dring without due care &attention but since she was lighting a fag it should be Dangerous Driving as far as I'm concerned.

    Sorry to see you post. Glad it wasn't worse. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif
  7. rickparmar

    rickparmar Active Member

    am sorry 2 hear that m8. hope u get it all sorted asap
  8. DavidR

    DavidR Active Member

    Sorry to hear about your misfortune Euan.... Fortune has shone brightly on you and your passengers escaping as you did unhurt. Allow my current transient optimism to suggest that something good will come out of this... It does sound expensive though /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif
  9. neil.c

    neil.c Senior

    Bad news lucky you moved out the way in view of the fact she hit you and the car in front as well. I hope everyone is ok.
  10. FactionOne

    FactionOne Administrator Staff Member Administrator

    Hey khufu,

    Gutted to see another A3-owner's pride and joy with the unfortunate damage that's pictured in the photos you posted /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif
    ...But as everyone else has said, from your account it seems like your quick thinking prevented the damage from being far worse than crumpled metal. My old man's a retired firefighter (of nearly 40 years in the job) and I've heard about car-sandwiches a few times, and I'm extremely glad to read your fast-acting enabled you to avoid something like that.

    I hope you're back on the road soon fella,


  11. Gambba

    Gambba Active Member

    That's a bugger to say the least, but as everyones stated glad to hear you're ok fella!


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