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Shopping for A3 TDI tips?

jamesmapplebeck Feb 27, 2014

  1. jamesmapplebeck

    jamesmapplebeck New Member


    Shopping for Audi A3 TDI 2004 up around the £3000 mark to spend prefer black, can anyone give me any advise on common faults to look out for ect? :)

    Anyone see or here of one please do let me know, tried ebay with not much luck.

    Will be my First Audi, in fact apart from my old transit it will be my first diesel , cant wait!
  2. Jonny54

    Jonny54 Member

    Hey man. Watch out for 2.0 Tdi engines of that age as they seem to mostly suffer with a pourus head at some point due to a dodgy batch. Google it for more information.

    I have a black 1.9tdi A3 8p which hasnt took a step wrong and i payed £3000 for it. Apparently its the 'Bombproof' one but im not sure about that, its still a PD at the end of the day.
    Either way i dont regret my decision. Make sure you get one thats had the cambelt and waterpump done though..

    Mines black though and it is a pain to keep clean! Haha

    Might even be up for sale soon. But ive only just joined this forum so dont want to look like i have just joined the community for that reason.

    An A3 is a good choice man. Hope you find what your after


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