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shoddy 4 wheel alighnment

dale86 Sep 3, 2013

  1. dale86

    dale86 Member

    About four months ago I lowered my a4 so obviously I booked ny car in for alighnment at a garage near work. I recently noticed a slow puncture on the drivers side so took the tyre to get repaired at my local tyre shop to find it was backed so me been a weirdo having to have a matching pair replaced both front tyres. When the passanger tyre was taking off we noticed it was run off on the inside so I returned to the garage where it was tracked who retracked it again but said I would never get the camber spot on as it's too low and too old of a car and that the camber isn't very adjustable on a4s anyway are they just fobbing me off I dontbwanna be replacing tyres every four months thanks.
  2. SL11CKK

    SL11CKK Active Member

    Camber isnt adjustable on the front of the A4. Same thing my guy said. So more of a problem when lowered.
  3. dualmono21

    dualmono21 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    they are actually being truthfull
    by lowering the car you will effect both the front and rear camber
    and because the a4 doesnt have any adjustment for this , the only other real way of sorting the problem is to fit
    adjustable front upper control arms which can then be adjusted to remove the excess camber and put you back inside the audi tolerances

    two companies gruven motorsports and 034 motorsports both make suitable replacements
  4. SmoothAssault

    SmoothAssault Will design for mods

    I was interested in this so did some digging...

    gruven: gruvenparts.com - Audi A4/S4/B6/B7 + Passat B5 Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms

    034: 034Motorsport Adjustable Upper Control Arm Kit, Fully Spherical, Front B5/B6/B7 & D2 A8/S8 - 034Motorsport | Performance Parts for Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen

    Didn't come up with anything UK based so I guess it'd be expensive international shipping :ermm:

    But top marks to 034 for their important notes, "This upper control arm kit does bind at full lock, the rear heim can touch the front link, though this has no real effect on function, we do not recommend driving around at full lock with these parts installed. If you do drive around at full lock, then you may have other issues relating to the area between the drivers seat and steering wheel that need to be addressed."

    Made me laugh :D
  5. dale86

    dale86 Member

    Thanks lads I didn't believe them.about my tracking just because last time I had it in they told me that the trackrod ends were seized but when me and my brother changed them out one was a little stiff and the other was as free as a bird it was just as if they didn't even try so my faith in them is a little broken . It looks Luke I'll just have to live with changing tyres out every 6 month lol.

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