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Shell vpower or tesco super

Essflee Jul 28, 2009

  1. Essflee

    Essflee Well-Known Member

    I've always used shell v-power since I got my S3, however I got myself one of those Tesco club cards the other day as you can get some nice bits and pieces with the points, does anybody think there's that much different between the two, both being 99ron I thought I might just start going to Tesco to reep my rewards...:)
  2. <tuffty/>

    <tuffty/> Badger 5 Edition...Its all about the flow... Staff Member Moderator Audi S3

    I had been using Tesco 99 ever since I got my S3 but a few weeks back I had to fill up with v-power as my local Tesco garage had none.

    The car felt better for it if I was honest... not sure it was placebo as I wasn't expecting any thing differnt but the car certainly felt more 'on it' and responsive.

    I am now using v-power :)

  3. Scott

    Scott Well-Known Member

    Get a Shell drivers club card, I did and they sent me a V-Power card after a while, which means double points. Also use Shell credit card for 3% or 3p per litre cash back (cannot remember which) - works out well for me.
  4. S3 Nattie

    S3 Nattie Quattro ist für sissies

    Ive used both for a period of a month each and VPower defiantly made my car more responsive and bit more eager to rev but not by much. Tesco 99 is a good fuel though. BP ultimate was rubbish in my car and cost the most around by me. I have a Shell club card, think you need to used at least 150 litres of VPower within 3 months, which I certainly have, to get a VPower card. Not sure of the benefits of having a VPower card though.
  5. Shy19s

    Shy19s Oil running through my veins.

    my m8 has had a 400bhp evo 6 for a couple of years now and he regulates between the two all the time and says there is no noticable difference, i've also tried it and dont think there is a major difference but again can sort of notice abit more eagerness on Vpower, but it could just be in my head.
  6. Essflee

    Essflee Well-Known Member

    I've got a standard shell card but don't think it's a lot of cop for how much I fill up, I thought perhaps doing the weekly shop and filling the car up would give me some healthy points... Think I'll give it a go for a couple of weeks and see how it goes...

    Cheers lads...
  7. Pooch121

    Pooch121 Steady Eddy



    V-power will be a hell of alot better for performance, the reason why you ask?? Tesco leach product from fuel terminals, they dont actually produce their own, they come into a depo (BP, Shell, Total or Texaco owned) and simply lift fuel from our tanks, they get a lower grade of super unleaded simply to keep the real fuel companies one step ahead, shell for example add a high grade additive into v-power which is cleaner and more efficient, hence the marked improvement in performance...

    if the super unleaded grade was the same across the industry tesco would squash the little guy, which in this case is Texaco!!! and id be out the job!!!

    so think, texaco being more expensive is all about the quality of additives...

    hope that helps!! lol.

    Last edited: Jul 30, 2009
  8. bigstring

    bigstring Member

    shell v-power every day of the week, nothing comes close or runs as well in any of me jap cars, in the A3, who knows, but will continue useing v-power
  9. LiveWire

    LiveWire S3X

    Is there any point in using an Octane Booster? for example if I were to buy normal unleaded fuel and add the octane booster to it??
  10. bantam1

    bantam1 Member

    Shell CC no longer available unfortunately!
  11. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    always use v power. have tried bp ultimate when v power was unavailable and car ran like poo!
  12. AuldReekie

    AuldReekie Member


    As someone who works in the industry I think you have a duty to accurately report these things, so laymen like me don't make the wrong conclusions, especially when you give away the company that you work for.

    As we are talking about Tesco 99/V-Power here, I think that this company here would disagree with your statement that they just leach from various sources and mix up a hochpot of fuel. More info here from another source in the interest of impartiality. Unless they are lying?

    And as for Tesco 99 being an inferior product, these guys seem to disagree. This link is borrowed from apost on 8P about the very same thing.

    No, I don't work for Tesco, but I think you are being unfair (at best).

    Edit: To save reading the whole thing -

    <SPAN lang=EN-GB style="FONT-SIZE: 10pt; FONT-FAMILY: Verdana">
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2009
  13. IIIadidasboy

    IIIadidasboy Member

    :iagree: My story is EXACTLY the same, might be placebo (probably is) but even if it's in my head it's good enough!!!

    There shouldn't be any difference, but................?
  14. voorhees

    voorhees Moderator Staff Member Moderator Team V8 Audi S5 s tronic

    I ran the S3 on V-power until Tesco 99 Ron came to the pumps in Warwickshire and haven't looked back since.
  15. jcs356

    jcs356 Brum brum

    Based upon the Thorney motorsport review and the fact that the nearest shell garage to me is the most expensive in the area by a mile, I use Tesco 99 most of the time and use VPower if I fill up when I'm out and about.
  16. bl_1969

    bl_1969 Roads? We Dont Need Roads!!!!

    I use Shell V-Power 100.

    More grunt and more miles to gallon. Costs more but hey! It deserves it :superman:

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