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Shell V Power Diesel

aadams1x Sep 12, 2007

  1. aadams1x

    aadams1x Member

    Hi, Has anyone got any experience with this fuel from Shell, Diesel Extra is brilliant and on my 140 2.0 CAB i regualrly get over 50mpg on long journeys but want to know about the new (and obviously) more expensive stuff....any experiences??? Cheers
  2. Silver Quattro

    Silver Quattro 1st Quattro Deffo not my last...

    Not personally tried this as yet but a mate of mine has in his golf gt tdi and says it is a noticeable improvement car runs smoother and feels better:confused:

    at £1.05p il give it a go see how i get on currently got diesel extra and to be honest im one of those ppl cant really tell the difference :keule:
  3. icenutter

    icenutter Member

    It makes my car seem more 'willing' and a bit smoother with less smoke. I can't say I've noticed much difference in fuel economy, certainly not enough to warrant the extra expense.

    I've been buying BP Ultimate diesel when it isn't ludicrously priced, and V-power seems on a par with it.

    There's no harm in trying it out for a few tanks, and seeing if you think it is worth the extra.

    My car has a 1.9 tdi non-pd.
  4. gtiller

    gtiller Active Member TeamMisano Gold Supporter Audi S3

    I read an article in What Car magazine back in September, which I just found on their website:

    I have to say, with my 3 litre TDi, I have to agree with their findings.
    I do about 2k miles per month (mainly motorway)

    Shell V-Power and BP Ultimate don't give me any more miles to the tank.
    Nor do I notice anything smoother or better performance.

    I have also tried Millers oils for several thousand miles, and that does make a difference - not to fuel economy but I do notice that when I boot it, I leave considerably less air-bourne soot behind!

    Premium petrol is a different matter though - both my S4 (2.7 bi-turbo) and M3 (E36 evo) used to be signifcantly better on higher octane fuel.
    For example, with the M3 - Shell Optimax (as it was then) gave me an extra 5 or 6 miles to the gallon, and pulled through the rev range with noticeably more urgency. This improvement justified the cost differential.

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