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Sheepskin or Lambswool wash mit?!?

Discussion in 'Detailing - Sponsored by Slim's Detailing' started by Cossie_boy, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Cossie_boy

    Cossie_boy Member

    Mar 29, 2007
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    Hi all,

    I am wanting to buy a wash mit to clean my car now after reading about the dreaded sponge!

    Just a little confused about the difference between the lambs wool and sheepskin mits, are these basically the same?!

    I don’t know it to get the Meguiars lambs wool wash mitt at £8.95 :-


    Or this Sheepskin £5.95 one :-


    Or, could I get these from Halfords or Wilco etc…? or would they be more expensive?

    Also do you think the grit guard things are worth a tenner?

    Be very interested to hear how you all find them and which is best!


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  3. Boydie

    Boydie Guest

  4. stan

    stan Member

    Dec 1, 2006
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    Get yourself 2, 1 for the lower dirty parts & 1 for the top shiny half, that way you can have1 of each & see whatyou thinks is best.
    I'm using the Meg. mitt quite thin for the lower parts & flip to the mesh for the lowest sills, & have a thick & plush sheepskin for the top half.
    Another mitt that gets good reviews is the shmitt, which is easier to look after & can be rinsed visibly clean every time.
  5. Boydie

    Boydie Guest

    the shmitt is more of a sponge mitt

    lambs/sheeps is good for prevention of swirling and trapping dirt so im sticking with that
  6. benw123

    benw123 Moderator

    Oct 10, 2004
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    I've also got the Megs lambswool mitt and really like it. Just glides over the bodywork, which probably explains why it reduces swirls.

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