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Setting xenon headlight level with Vagcom (8L S3)

Andy_S3 Oct 6, 2009

  1. Andy_S3

    Andy_S3 Member

    Hi all, ive noticed my headlights seem to be pointing a little further down since having my car lowered (25mm). Ive managed to 'test' the motors using vagcom so the go all the way down, all the way up, and then back to normal mode, but I was just wondering how I can raise the lights permanently? Thanks in advance!:icon_thumright:
  2. Dana @ Ross-Tech

    Dana @ Ross-Tech Member

    Post an auto scan. We will be able to see the installed modules.
  3. AjM

    AjM Living in Blissful Ignorance

    You can adjust them use the adjusters on the back of the headlight. You will need a philips screwdriver. Once adjusted the auto levelers will put them back to that point from there on in. Just make sure you do not move them too much :angrymod:... Best to do it in a garage with a light level.
  4. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    You need to set mot mode on mot bay 1st then level the lights manually with adjusters on headlights with screwdriver, then when level turn of mot mode in vagcom, also check levelling sensors on front/rear axle havnt been damaged when lowering done, as its a common issue when suspension is worked on, the arms get snapped of, thus sensors tell car systems wrong height

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