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Set of 4 Oettinger 20" RXX wheels - BNIB!

IanMcA3 May 22, 2012

  1. IanMcA3

    IanMcA3 Member

    A very rare set of Genuine Oettinger Alloy wheels* All 20" by 8.5J" * Offset ET35 * Centre bore - 68mm the wheels are for sale with either spigots to take down to a 57.1mm or a 66.6mm cb * Fitted with the genuine Oettinger centre capsGenuinely brand new & boxed - shipping is possible - please ask for a quoteIdeal for Audi A4 B8 or earlier B7 chassis, A6 A8 etc. Audi A5 with a spacer setStill on RSD's website at £598.50 per wheel - nearly £2400 for a set, so at this price a significant savingAny queries, more details, pics etc - please just ask.

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