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servicing my own turbo

gaanrowl Oct 26, 2010

  1. gaanrowl

    gaanrowl New Member

    hi my turbo is blowing oil, and iv been told it needs replacing, im considering servicing it myself. has anyone done this before can i get some advice as to how hard a job it is how long it will take.

    also im tring to find out what make the tubo is i think its a garret iv read that thats what audi use.

    my car is a 54 reg 1.9 130bhp.

    thanks for any help please feel free to ask if more info is available
  2. Tooks

    Tooks Active Member

    When you say service it, do you mean actually taking it apart and rebuilding the bearings etc? If so, then I think it's a specialist job, and probably best left to the experts.

    If you mean, can you unbolt the old one, and bolt a new one in its place, then I don't see why not if you're handy with spanners and penetrating fluid! :)

    I've never changed a turbo on a car, though have done a tractor a couple of times! Access and rusty bolts will be the biggest headache on an A4 I should think.
  3. Rhencullen1989

    Rhencullen1989 190 S LINE QUATTRO

    I work for Honeywell which used to be NGL (normalair garrett ltd) we still build turbos although mainly for aircraft, there is a very sophisticated balancing system used to spin the turbo's at very high speeds in a special oil fed rig, and the vanes are balanced by grinding away tiny pieces until its balanced perfectly, ok for me to get my turbo's rebuilt and set up properly, but sorry to anyone else!!!!! So, NO its not a diy job.
  4. paul20v

    paul20v Audi fanatic

    easy to change , but servicing the actual turbo is as already said specialist work only .
  5. gaanrowl

    gaanrowl New Member

    thanks for your replys guys, question answered i can put that idea to bed, thanks again. looks like its a refurbished one.

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