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Service Time

max Mar 21, 2007

  1. max

    max New Member

    My S3 is due for a service, it's booked in for Friday but I'm unsure whether to get the cambelt done aswell. It's 03 plate with 57k. The service booklet says 115k but thats wrong and was only for pre face lift. BAM engine codes should be 80k. I also heard that audi suggest to change it after 4 years.

    It's Revo or cambelt!

    Anyone has cambelts go before 80k?
  2. rodenal

    rodenal Active Member

    Do a search bud there's been loads n loads of this.

    Bottom line you should really get it changed.
  3. JustSports

    JustSports Member

    mines a 03, i had mine done at 80K, a main dealer told me it was 115K ! idiot ! I read on here that it was 80K for the face lifts so had it done pronto! ive heard it be suggested that they be checked every 20K ....

    got mine done at Audi/Vw Speacialist in Sale Manchester for £280 inc waterpump and tensioner. Very good price , Lancaster Audi quoted over £600, most of it was labour, about 450 !

    so for around £300, you can have piece of mind .....worth it!
  4. S3 NIK

    S3 NIK Member

    Getting mine done today, car only done 25k but i am doing it on age rather than mileage. Being done by a specialist for 270 quid.
    Well worth it bearing in mind what could happen.

  5. Aky

    Aky Aky

    I was informed by Audi that it used to be 5yrs or 80k then they changed it to 4yr or 80k then back to 5yrs. I've just had mine done. 2002 with 38k, thought it would be best as the motor has been Custom Coded.

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