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service / respray / mirrors

Jukester Sep 22, 2003

  1. Jukester

    Jukester New Member

    Afternoon guys,

    Can someone riddle me aq couple of q's.

    1). Got my first service at 10k- how much can I expect to pay for this? Will probably go to Whetstone Audi.
    2) My bonnet has stone chips, front bumper has speed hump and kerb scratches underneath it and a few stone chips and my back bumper has light scratches from a moron who can't park- how much would this cost for a Brilliant Black respray and where are the best London body shops to go to?
    3) Can you pick up silver mirrors from anywhere, wish I'd bought them 18 months ago when I bought new!!

    Thanks guys- anyone know if the RS3 is confirmed and how much, etc??

  2. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Morning Dude,

    Here's some info from the website:

    1. first AVS service @ 11k miles - Haldex service not yet due - here are the costs: -

    oil - long life.....£58.80
    oil filter ??........£4
    oil filter element..£13


    2. normally it would be around £400 to get front and rear bumpers (full bumpers) done. Don't know of London Audi approved sprayshops sorry, only one I know is in Wantage, Oxon.

    3. Try KAMEI site (www.kamei.de) and see mirror covers.I bought them and they look exaxtky the same with the original.

    or ebay.de

    or vagparts maybe

    Personally still not sure about the ali mirrors.

    RS3, supposedly in 2005, in a Avant Style with a potential 350Bhp and Quattro system for @ £35k. No definite figures givn yet just theories and best guesses.

    Cheers dude
  3. Jukester

    Jukester New Member

    Nice on Jester, thanks very much for your reply.

    Anyone else got any good recommendations for a london (or non london) body shop and ideas of costings for resprays on bumpers and bonnet (of car- not easter hat!!)


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