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Service reset lights

hollydog2000 Jul 18, 2003

  1. hollydog2000

    hollydog2000 New Member

    Hello everyone, yes another girl. I own a 2003 Audi a4 Multitronic. Have problem in that i had my car serviced from a non audi dealer. The timer still displeyd that the car neededs to be service in so many days and along with the miles left for this service to be carried out.
    I took the advice of a site in find on internet, pressed the check button rapidly and also tunred ignition on and off at same time. This rest the lights ok they have gone dash dash dash for the days of service left. Anyone any idea what i did wrong of if they will resent in time please or how to do it propely /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/dancing.gif
  2. Mo-S3

    Mo-S3 Member

    HI There and welcome to the forum im sure u will have a good time on here with us nut cases ( yes i mean all)
    Firstly Ryabusha, if u have got a 2003 model car WHY Oh WHY did u go to a non franchised dealer?? wasnt ur original dealer good enough?
    Did someone advise u to do this? Doing so can invalidate ur 3 year warranty with Audi .U may have already invalidated it !! This is not good news if u have lost ur warranty coz the audi warranty is a VERY good and comprehensive one.
    This other non audi dealer should have been able to reset ur service lights if they were that good but obviously havent done so.
    Anyway the only way to reset the service timer is from a dealer or some one with a VAG COM but the dealer is ur best bet. Dont go to the dealer and tell them that u have got it servicd yet just wait.
    I await ur reply, coz there may well be a way around this so u can hopefully keep ur warranty intact.


  3. Loretta

    Loretta Member

    I don't think you can reset service indicator properly if the car runs on AVS with out using the proper kit. It will revert it back to fixed servicing. And no more warranty either... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crazy.gif
  4. audi_girl

    audi_girl Active Member

    Unless the service was noted on Audi's system, you may well have invalidated your warranty; when my first service (AVS) was carried out the dealer forgot to update Audi's systems, so the car was flagged as "warranty void" every time I took it in, until they remembered to add the service to the system.... even after it had had its second service which was correctly added to the system...

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