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service reset, channel 42+43 will not save

seany26 Oct 23, 2011

  1. seany26

    seany26 Member

    trying to do a reset on an 2007 a6 2.0tdi but will not let me save the min,max mileage channels. they are stuck on a value of 50(meaning 5000mile) but dont know why because it should be on flexible service values. Im trying to enter the recomended values but will not take them. i have also tried using the sri reset tool but gives the error message unable to save to channel 42+43.

    Ive never had this trouble before on any other vehicle fixed or flexible service reset.

    looking forward to a simple fix
  2. towcestervag

    towcestervag Member VCDS Map User

    you have to change channels 50-53
  3. NCRAW

    NCRAW Member

    Hi guys,

    My screen started to display the reminder a couple of days ago. is it the same channels for a 2008 S3 8P? I want to change the values (date and kms) to what I specifically will service at. Is that possible?

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