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service price you are paying

kevin88 Mar 16, 2011

  1. kevin88

    kevin88 Member

    what sort of price are you guys paying for a service around london?
    oil service and service??
    espcially want to know ppl getting it done in chingford or stanstard.
  2. sub39h

    sub39h Active Member

    Audi have set service prices nationwide. See their main website
  3. ton246

    ton246 if in doubt flat out

    Not so in reallity, i've phoned 2 Audi garages here in Scotland & both quoted different prices for a 40k service, £50 a difference, when i phoned back the dearer one he dropped another £25, so, worth shopping about & haggling, bounce one garage against another to see who will drop the most, economic climate & all that :thumbsup:
  4. Ads

    Ads License to drive

    I've had a service done at Chingford Audi a couple of years ago and paid whatever was quoted on Audi's (fixed priced servicing) website at the time.
    The price quoted on their website isn't for a full longlife service. If you want a longlife service that is when prices vary from dealer to dealer.

    When I was shopping around for my last service I called Chingford for a price but the woman I spoke to quoted about three different prices, one of them lower than their fixed price servicing cost (how !!?!?!) so I didn't believe anything she said anymore.

    In the end I went to a VAG specialist in North West London, just off of the North Circular at Staples Corner (about 30-40mins from Chingford) ------>> Audi & Volkswagen Independent Specialist Garage - Quality and Technology at Affordable Prices

    I paid £280 for a full Longlife service, including longlife oil, oil filter, pollen filter, fuel filter, spark plugs.

    Really good, professional service, and at reasonable prices. The guy that runs it is a former VAG mastertech for 20 odd years, and they only use Audi parts, etc.
    Basically they're an Audi dealer with hourly labour rates at 50% of what audi charge, with the added benefit of technicians who actually know what they are doing.

    I highly recommend them. :thumbsup:
  5. Smoothie

    Smoothie Active Member

    exactly which is why we have a sticky
  6. Lee_R

    Lee_R Active Member

    Full longlife service at Stafford Audi is £170 so still £100 cheaper than your local specialist! Its almost worth a drive up to the midlands for the saving. I would, if only to get an Audi stamp + £60 at least in saving even if you cover your fule costs.
  7. Ads

    Ads License to drive

    Does that price include all filters etc though???
    The £175 is for a "Variable Service 1", but they also offer a "Variable Service 2" for £235.
    What's the difference between the two??
    Less done in the Variable 1, i'm guessing.

    I got the full works for £270, so not worth the petrol and the journey to save £35 for me. In fact it would've totalled more.
    The audi stamp would've been nice though.

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