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Service Plan versus Audi Complete

McAudi Oct 26, 2013

  1. McAudi

    McAudi Member

    I've just received my quote for 36,000 miles cover with Audi Complete and it comes in at £1,218 over the 3 years. I can get a Service Plan which covers 3yrs/ 30,000 miles for £399; that's £819 more for tyre cover and any other maintenance! I thought that the car's warranty would cover faults and repairs (not including the tyres of course), so I doubt very much if I'm going to see much of that extra £819 apart from a couple of front tyres. Your views would be appreciated as this seems like a bit of a 'rip off'.

    Additionally, I told the salesman at the time of order that I didn't want the AG Lifeshine treatment at £450. He's just emailed and has dropped the price to £399 along with RTI (GAP) at a total price of £699. The AG can be purchased on eBay for well under £50 and the RTI cover can be bought for around £150 for 3 yrs cover. If they kept the prices realistic, I think they'd receive more custom. Needless to say, I won't be going for the AG or RTI through AUDI.
  2. RobbieWebs

    RobbieWebs Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Totally agree with u m8.
    The 3 year warranty should cover servicing and everything else minus the tyres.
    One thing to think about is the tyres from Audi themselves are bloody expensive to say the least.
    AG life shine can be got off fleabay for 15 quid.
    Better off spending 15 quid on a quality wax instead :)
    Iv got gap from ALA and it was 150 ish Iirc for the combined rti/ what's left of the finance.
    Still worth trying to haggle Audi's GAP down lower to see if u can get near the 200 quid mark :)
    If u didn't know better the gap and service plan might look like a good deal lol.
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  3. MBK

    MBK Well-Known Member

    I'd say it depends on the type of car, mileage and way you drive it. I used this type of package on a couple of TTs we owned and they worked out quite cheap in the long run. I have no connection with Audi of their plans so this is just a private buyer point of view. I agree on the lifeshine and gap can be bought much cheaper - but also push Audi to match the prices you can get elsewhere for gap - they matched the gap price for my RS3, you really do have to haggle though.

    Back to tyres. The way I see it if you do an average 12K miles a year and like some spirited miles in that you'll probably be looking at a set of front tyres per year, lets say £150 a set, more like £250-300 if you've chosen for 19" wheels and want to keep branded tyres on the car. The front tyres alone could be cheaper than the plan. Add in probably one set of rear tyres and you might well have your money back plus. The likelihood is you'll also need a set of brake pads within the 3 years, the modern ABS and stability systems place quite a bit of extra work on the pads.

    It's really a case of working out how you use the car. If you know you go through than less than a set of tyres/pads in 3 years then the plan looks expensive. For me on about 12k miles a year the plans have worked out well in the past.
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  4. McAudi

    McAudi Member

    Thanks for your input; both of you. I'll give it a bit more consideration, as initially I was dead set against it.
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