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service/maintenance/tyres scheme

matmaxedout May 20, 2008

  1. matmaxedout

    matmaxedout Member

    is this worth it?? have been looking into the 3 types of service cover they do for the A3, i've ordered the 1.9tdi s-line cab

    1. £250 for3 years/36000miles sevice
    2. £31.89 a month for the service/maitenance/tyres scheme
    3. £20.14 a month for the service/maintenance scheme

    has anyone done any of this options and do you think there really worth it, would be doing about 11000 miles a year.

    wasn't sure whether i'd benifit from any other than the basic scheme as i'm sure the tyres wouldn't need changing the first year??
    does anyone know whats covered under the maintenance contract? as they only mentioned basic stuff like wiper blades?

    any help/advice would be great.


  2. Issac Hunt

    Issac Hunt Active Member VCDS Map User

    Its maybe a cynical viewpoint but I cant help thinking that they wouldnt offer you the schemes if it saved you money!

    RE option 1, if your on longlife servicing, 36k will only need 1 service as you can get to around 18-19k between services. Therefore service 2 might not be due until 39k. just getting quotes for my first service (@18.8k) and it will be around £200.
  3. JST_A3

    JST_A3 Member

    I believe that the maintenance option covers items such as cambelt and waterpump and as you have indicated, wiper blades.

    A couple of things to look out for though, check the situation regarding tyres, as they may not give you any choice of manufacturer when the time comes to replace, and also they do not cover oil top-ups between services. I specifically asked about the oil when I looked into the full package and was told this was excluded.

    For me, I came to the conclusion that it's better to pay as you go rather that up front, but everyone is different and to some a steady monthly payment is preferable.
  4. Kris

    Kris Member

    I took out a 3 year service plan with my last A3 but sold the A3 just short of a year and had no services nor claims. For my sins Audi sent me a letter telling me i would have to pay an additional sum of money for canceling ..... what! I rang them and asked hadn't they got it the wrong way round and a rebate was in order. They said no but being as they had around £200 of mine part of which was towards a service i never had then they would keep my dosh and waiver the penalty for canceling early. Jeeez, they were so good to me!

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