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Service light Reset

A13X-A3 May 1, 2007

  1. A13X-A3

    A13X-A3 Progress Through Technology

    Havent long had my A3, decided that im going to service it myself. But after its done, the service light is still going to flash when i start the car, ive tried a procedure that i had off ebay to reset it, but it only gets so far (wont actually reset). After playing round with the combination of buttons i managed to get the display to flash up four 0's, and you can change them, 0-9. But i wasnt sure what this was and how to save it.
    I hope somebody on here knows how to reset it, or have i GOT to buy the kit that plugs in.
  2. rodenal

    rodenal Active Member

    Have you read your manual? it tells you how to reset the light in there (unless its longlife servicing, in which case i dont know, but vag com will be able to reset it for you)

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