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service inspection light!

manghan Jul 10, 2010

  1. manghan

    manghan New Member

    hi, i have had my 98 a4 tdi serviced a couple of weeks ago and the inpection light still flashes, just wondering is there any tricks you can with the stalks and clutch etc. i think it can be done with some vw"s!
  2. moschino

    moschino Member

    Yes I believe there is. As long as your car is a late 1998 model.
    Should be able to clear the Oil and IN1 service lights by using the buttons on the dash.
    1. Insert your key into the ignition.
    2. Push in the odometer reset button, hold it in, and turn the key to the first click.
    3. The display should read either "oil" or "service" if it does not, repeat steps #1 and #2.
    4. To reset, pull out your instrument light dimmer button at the bottom of the tachometer.
    5. Turn the ignition to the off position. When the ignition is turned back on, the display should be back to the trip odometer.

    Worked on my 1998 TDi.

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