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Service Counter Question

sworks16 Feb 4, 2007

  1. sworks16

    sworks16 Member

    I have recently brought a used audi a3 from a main dealer, which we recently had serviced under the two years free parts and labour deal we got

    This was done fine, with no costs to pay but a 2nd service at 18k on a 3 year old car cost under £200 for audi

    The car was first serviced in Jan 05 it seems and this year it was Jan 06

    When we collected the car the service counter had 365 days and only 9600 miles

    Does this mean were are on the fixed servicing as we were told it was on the variable servicing, which would mean in theory the service should be blank for a few days while it calculates?

    If it is on fixed servicing can it be changed?
  2. Vertigo1

    Vertigo1 Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, variable servicing should take a while to recalculate after it's been reset at a service, yes. It does appear to me that you've been changed to fixed servicing.

    From what I know, once you're on fixed you can't change back to variable but I could well be wrong.
  3. sworks16

    sworks16 Member

    i thought once it's been changed it couldn't be altered, one of the main selling points was it could be serviced up to every 2 years as I do very few miles i'll speak to my dealer and see what they say
  4. cdb2

    cdb2 Member

    Look on http://www.uk-mkivs.net in the MK V forum for 'Longlife', fair bit of discussion re this. Some people saying some VW dealers alledgedly change their cars back to fixed so the cars come in more = more £££ for them! My other half recently realised her new Golf had been put on fixed - she said no one asked her about it.

    I believe from reading on the above forum that it can be changed backwards and forwards, u just need to make sure u have Longlife oil in if u want AVS servicing. I think it can only be changed back by the dealer, not sure if u have to wait until a service or have it done mid cycle so to speak.

    Best bet is to email Audi Customer Services - look under 'contact us' on the Audi UK website or use customer.services@audi.co.uk . They reply in 24hrs. Ask them how long it would take and if the dealer should charge you.

    Incidently, I'm on AVS and got my Sportback to last the full 2yrs despite only doing 8k miles.

    Let us know how u get on.

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