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Service costs?

WilkoS5 Oct 12, 2007

  1. WilkoS5

    WilkoS5 Member

    My 1.9TDi Sport Quattro Avant service light has been on for a week now so it's about time booked it in for a service. It's covered 42K miles and I'm a bit scared of what it's going to cost me.

    Should I go to Audi or to an independent specialist (or even a VW dealer) how much do you guys think that the cost will vary?
  2. pav-g

    pav-g Member

    I think its important to stick with a dealer service within the first three years(warranty) period, after that I would advise going to an independent garage unless dealers can offer you a good deal on a service. Also bear in mind the type of service you may need depending on your driving pattern i.e. life long service if you do plenty of motorway miles or an annual inspection if like me most of your motoring is urban. Cost wise dealers usually charge £100 per hour labour plus parts and an independent audi specialist probably charge around half that. Good luck

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